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Blue Hill Historical Society

Blue Hill Historical Society Facts

The Blue Hill Historical Society was founded in 1902 for the purpose of preserving the heritage of the Town of Blue Hill, Maine, U.S.A.

The Holt House contains period furniture and clothing, photographs, town records, and memorabilia from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Of special interest is the Children’s Room, containing toys, clothing, dolls and games. In addition, old tools, a sleigh, carriages and wagons are on display in the Carriage House.

The Holt House was built in 1815 by Jeremiah Thorndike Holt, grandson of Nicholas Holt who brought Blue Hill’s fifth family from Andover, Massachusetts in 1765. Jeremiah was one of the first to locate at the head of the bay, in what is now the center of Blue Hill village. He was an influential businessman who kept a store, engaged in shipping, and became the town’s second postmaster.

After Jeremiah died in 1832, his widow turned the house into the town’s only inn and tavern. In 1851 their son, Thomas Jefferson Napoleon Bonaparte Holt and his family occupied the house. It stayed in the family for over a hundred years. The Blue Hill Historical Society bought the Holt House and made it their headquarters in 1970.